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Electric couch for osteopathy and chiropractic with motorised height regulation, 21º motorised breakaway, 22º motorised central fold, 22º motorised hip elevation, double multipositional headrest with zed position and breaathing hole, extendable and height adjustable footrest and height and lenght adjustable armrests.

Colors in stock: 01, 02, 03, 04, 07, 09, 11, 16, 20, 21, 23, 28, 30, 34, 41, 43, 44.
The rest of colors have an increase in the price and the delivery time.

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01 Artic / Titan01 Artic / Titan01 Artic / Titan02 Lavendel02 Lavendel02 Lavendel03 Baltic03 Baltic03 Baltic04 Azure04 Azure04 Azure07 Turquoise07 Turquoise07 Turquoise09 Apfel09 Apfel09 Apfel11 Amazon green11 Amazon green11 Amazon green16 Sonne16 Sonne16 Sonne20 Red / Rot20 Red / Rot20 Red / Rot21 Raspberry / Pink21 Raspberry / Pink21 Raspberry / Pink23 Violet / Amethyst23 Violet / Amethyst23 Violet / Amethyst28 Ash / Lichtgrau28 Ash / Lichtgrau28 Ash / Lichtgrau30 Black / Schwarz30 Black / Schwarz30 Black / Schwarz34 Praline34 Praline34 Praline41 Chestnut / Buche41 Chestnut / Buche41 Chestnut / Buche43 White / Weiss43 White / Weiss43 White / Weiss44 Sisal44 Sisal44 Sisal

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General features
Type of headrest Headrest with breating hole and breating hole plug
Double multipositional headrest with zed position
Type of backrest Negative pro/declive position
Armrests Adjustable and extendable armrests
Height and angle adjustable armrest
Footrest Extensible and height adjustable footrest
Feet 4 adjustable feet for stability on uneven surfaces
Other extra options included Breathing hole
Hand switch control 3
Breathing hole plug
Rules and security The engines meet the European safety regulation
CE marking product. Made in Spain
Frame and chassis
Type of frame 2 columns
Scissor with vertical elevation and no movements
Lifting capacity 180 kg
Material Steel tube F1 coated with an epoxy powder coating and oven-baked at 210ºC
Paint White
Type of motor Electric
Quantity of motors 3
Functionalities by lever system Backrest
Motorised functionalities Height
Hip elevation
Central fold
Type of height Adjustable
Others Fold down and reclining headrest
Vertical elevation without horizontal movements

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01 Artic / Titan, 02 Lavendel, 03 Baltic, 04 Azure, 07 Turquoise, 09 Apfel, 11 Amazon green, 16 Sonne, 20 Red / Rot, 21 Raspberry / Pink, 23 Violet / Amethyst, 28 Ash / Lichtgrau, 30 Black / Schwarz, 34 Praline, 41 Chestnut / Buche, 43 White / Weiss, 44 Sisal